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January: Masters and Paladins of Quality -

Why shopping at Sandro.B?


Happy New Year!

We expect a great year for you who deserve and love the finest quality & luxury menswear in the world.  At the .Best price.

As you know, our value proposition is culture & quality with no compromise.

This means we focus our items selection on no. Masters of Quality: Brunello Cucinelli, Tom Ford, Brioni, Cesare Attolini, Kiton and Loro Piana. I include Salvatore Ferragamo for leather items.

At the moment in our store more than 500 items are from these masters. These brands offer all kind of garments with superb quality. Tom Ford is the only design brand in Sandro.B. I choose him because his items join modernity and tradition and come from the finest craftsmen and mills.

Here some of the incredible new arrivals: a selection of Tom Ford leather bags and wallets, new collection Salvatore Ferragamo driving mocassins, belts and leather goods, a selection of Church's.

I also decided to have some precious women's items to offer you in the section Women's boutique: it might be useful if you are looking for a unique gift for your wife or girlfriend.

And other new arrivals are coming soon! About 70 new Brunello Cucinelli garments and a selection of Cesare Attolini suits.

Apart from the “6 Masters”, we also select some Paladins of Quality.

They are family owned companies with at least 50 years of history and experience, focused on a specific category of garments in order to grant excellent quality.

Some Paladins of Quality are Fray and Mazzarelli for shirts, Svevo (Kiton Group) and Fedeli forknitwear, Kired (Kiton Group) for sportswear, Rota and Equipage for pants, Borsalino for hats, Sartorio (Kiton Group) for suits and sport coats, some others for shoes and accessories.


We select for you every day the best Quality and Luxury Made in Italy Menswear at the Best price.

This was my aim since the beginning, when I started 25 years ago searching throughout Italy the best garments at the best price. At that time I was a customer like you.

Why would you prefer shopping at Sandro.B? I think for the following 4 main reasons.

 1. From Italy

Me and my team are born and raised in Italy, Italy is the source of 60-70% of quality and luxury worldwide production.

I personally visit Masters & Paladins almost every day.

2. Make your Price

I decided to offer this unique option: tell me your desired price and we will do really our best to meet it.Apart from “desired price option”, our prices are very reasonable in terms of price/quality ratio

3. Brand Ambassador Programme

I truly believe in word-of-mouth, much more than Google adwords.

I want to invest in customer satisfaction and that’s why I thought about a .B Ambassador program.

Become .B Ambassador and tell your friends and colleagues! They will be happy and you will be a privileged customer.

4. The .B Customer Service

We want you to live an enjoyable shopping experience which makes you happy. When a customer let us know how happy he is about our service, that's my greatest satisfaction!And I’m proud to say that most of you are very happy and satisfied about our service.  This is the result of an independent survey: 72.5% of you marked 9 or 10 for our customer service. No one less than 5. Net Promoter Score: 69.Probably one to the finest result on the net.

Have a great 2018 starting with a Hot January at Sandro.B with incredible promotions and new arrivals!

All the best,


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