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December in Sandro .B
Make your once in a lifetime business

Hi, good news in December.

First of all, I'd like to talk about some ”once in a lifetime” opportunities.

Kiton Vicuna and Guanaco are the most precious fibers in the world. Vicuna from Peru or Bolivia costs to manufacturers more than $600 per meter. Guanaco from Argentina costs more than $300. The best long staple cashmere (the one of Brunello Cucinelli or Kiton) could reach $150 per meter.

Retail price for a cashmere-vicuna Kiton long coat is $ 15-20,000; for a guanaco-cashmere sport coat is $ 8- 10,000.

Here at Sandro.B we have 5 Guanaco and 8 Vicuna pieces: don’t lose this chance to wear the softest, lightest and warmest coat in the world, all made with 15-20 hours of manual craftsmanship in Kiton workshops.

I have mentioned cashmere: this fine material gives its best when it wraps rounded shapes. For this reason, scarves are finest cashmere top garment, touching your collar like a warm and light caress. And the finest cashmere scarves nowadays are from Brunello Cucinelli.

Also Kiton, Cesare Attoliini and Tom Ford make wonderful scarves. Since I personally selected all of them, I can assure you they are heavenly soft and incredibly warm. And they are available in our store at .B price.

But some Brunello Cucinelli scarves are even softer and more resistant, according to my view. We have 2 pieces available, at .B price; others are coming. Retail is round $ 1,000.

Talking about price, don’t forget to have a look at this Loro Piana sport coat in Baby Cashmere blended with Linene: retail price is more than $ 7,000

We have only one available: only one of you will have the chance to make this once in a lifetime business at the .B price.
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Apart commissions, as .B Ambassador you’ll get the preview of special Promotions like those ones. This will make you the first to know about 50% or more discount. 

Hurry up, be one of our .B Ambassadors!

For those who love design & fashion, don’t forget to look at Tom Ford Bond style shirts or Tom Ford shirts with mother of pearls closures. The second ones are a recent limited edition; here at the .Best price.

Good news for lovers of the best ready to wear suits in the world: 20 Cesare Attolini recent classic suits are coming soon. As you know, retail price is around $ 6-7,000.  By Cesare Attolini we will also have soon sartorial shirts and cashmere scarves.

Brioni sneakers and loafers are coming too. They’re from current collection: contemporary design and Brioni style together. I've got for me a pair of those red suede loafers.

I wish you a Merry Christmas full of happiness, love and peace.


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