Excellent quality. Very many thanks, as always.

What a .Brilliant November for Sandro.B customers!

For the first time I had the incredible chance to get more than 100 TOM FORD pieces recent collection at a reasonable price. And I’ve got them! Some are already available on website, many others will be listed soon. As you probably know, I don’t love “design brands”, but Tom is different because all his garments join the sacred rules of quality with contemporary aesthetics. In some way, he creates contemporary aesthetics.

Few days ago, we listed another design brand: SALVATORE FERRAGAMO. His shoes and leather accessories are 100% Made in Italy, all of them strictly controlled in the same lab, close to Florence.

Recently, a selection of new KIRED BY KITON goose down cashmere jackets and coat arrived. They’re really a biz. This top quality cashmere fabrics cost the manufacturer $100 per meter and you need 2.5 meters to craft a jacket. And 6 hours of expert Italian work. Besides that, goose pillows are very expensive since they include 90% of soft downs and only 10% of feathers.

Just yesterday, we’ve listed about 60 KITON dress shirts, all light blue and white: no need to explain such quality in hand-crafting and cottons. Very difficult to get, at such prices.

I’ve found also some beautiful and recent LORO PIANA storm system raincoats and sweaters: incredible quality at incredible price. They will be available soon. Be the one who does the biz.

Besides, we’re going to offer about 100 BRIONI garments: some suits, coats, shirts, sweaters and many pants & jeans, very hard to get at these prices. Brioni remains the “top classic” for Menswear. His signature is uniqueness: each Brioni item has been worked as it were a single unique piece.

“Classics among classics” are also BORSALINO hats. Humphrey Bogart and Alain Delon loved this icon of style which was founded in 1857. Yes, you’re right, 160 years ago. “Borsalino” is synonymous of “hat”, especially for Fedora models. I’ve got 15 pieces, they will be available soon

Last but not least: more than 100 BRUNELLO CUCINELLI pieces will arrive: finding Brunello is a hard task for everyone in the business. Now lots of unique and recent garments will soon be available for you, at a very reasonable price.

Finally, an anticipation for late November-early December: more than 20 business suits from CESARE ATTOLINI, most of them in dark grey or blue. As you know, Cesare Attolini is the founder of Neapolitan Suit School. His suits require at least 25 hours of fully handmade Italian making and retail price is around $5000.

Regarding our prices, you’ve the incredible chance to send us your DESIRED PRICE for the items you want. If your offer is reasonable, we’ll be glad to accept it.

So hurry up, pieces are not so many: if you snooze, you loose.

Another great news: in November we’ll launch our BRAND AMBASSADOR Program, with special promotions for our Ambassadors. We’ll keep you posted.

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