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The discovering and explanation of Quality is the core of Sandro.B e-commerce value proposition. Our requirements come from Sandro's long experience and experts' interiews and we think they are both innovative and unique. Take a look at the Overall Issues as well as at each category (suits, shoes, etc.) 

But, Why these ones and not others? It's a matter of meanings of quality related to purpose, essentials, aesthetics and responsibility.


We dont' need hand stitches for the sides of the shirt. For sides, machine stitches are more resistant than hand-sewing. On the other hand, we need hand-sewing for buttons, or hand-basted armholes to assure comfort and duration.

File:Woman sewing with a Singer sewing machine.png

We don't need a 200s fabric for a flannel suit or for a sport coat frequently used for travels, since a high performance 100s fabric do the best job for this use. So the fabric count cannot be a general requirement. Obviously, for a worsted business suit, 180s is more expensive and precious than 100s.


We selected basic features since we dont' forget some trade-off between costs and benefits. Handmade buttonholes in shirts give a great aestethic pleasure but they are rather expensive compared to the shirt cost. So they're not a basic requirement. Obviously we offer and advice shirts with handmade buttonholes.

File:Keyhole buttonhole.jpg


Beauty comes from proportions and harmony among lines, volumes, colours, parts and materials. We strongly promote contemporary taste and style, but without altering the rules of elegance and function. If you keep the outer sole too wide, you can easily transform a great pair of oxford shoes in a sort of raft with a piece of leather over it. Moreover, you make walking a hard and uncomfortable task for the 28 bones, 27 articulations, 100 ligaments, 23 muscles of your foot. 


We only choose brands which respect both environment and human working conditions for their production processes and for their providers too.  

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