Very well made coat. Cut and fit are great. The extra-tailoring in making the coat and top-notch materials used make this winter coat really nice.


HERITAGE - "My Biz is Your Biz"

We are a team of Italian people with passion for clothes. Sandro started 20 years ago discovering the art and techniques of clothes and searching for himself the best price/quality apparels through Italian workshops.  

Italy is the source of 60-70% quality and luxury worldwide productions in clothes. In 2013, Sandro thought that what it is convenient for him, it would be convenient for you too and founded the SandroBbay preliminary project based on number 1 e.commerce open platform. "My Biz is Your Biz", this was the beginning notice.

Now a new adventure: the Sandro-B.com Project and a starting point: "Luxury Means Quality". At present (February 2017) we account for more than 1500 customers throughout the world and 100% of positive feedbacks. But we want to share and spread our passion for quality even more.

NOW - "Luxury Means Quality"

No Quality, No Luxury! But, What does quality mean? This is our mission: help You to recognize the True Luxury Garments and get them at the .Best Price and Service ("the .B Factor").

Only Knowledge of what you're wearing gives you the aesthetic pleasure and makes the garment really yours. To do that, we have defined the detailed Sandro .B Quality requirements code.
All of our garments (from shirts to overcoats), for example, are with hand-sewn buttons. 

Together with knowledge of quality, in order to be really elegant, we need to know the language of clothes. When you wake up each morning, you should ask yourself: WHO I'll meet, WHERE and WHY, and then choose how to dress. Sandro.B supports you in discovering the deepest meanings of Clothes through the .B Concepts section.


"I'm not an easy customer", from our Testimonial  JEFF (65, NJ, USA)

Your needs and experience are the core of our organization, value propositon and customer care. That's why we prefer challenging customers, like Jeff. This is the only way for us to improve. So don't hesitate to contact us.
Moreover we would very much appreciate if you share our views and passion about menswear since we want to keep on growing our .B Community. 

Make this to be your adventure, please Join .B Community!

And remember, "We deliver the apparel of your dreams"

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