Great shirt - unfortunately not a good fit. Return was amazing easy and fast!


"My interactions with Sandro.B make it seems as if I’m speaking to people I know". from our Testimonial JeffIf you prefer for all your matters (price, features, invoices, terms and conditions, delivery, shipment, parcels...) to be in contact with the same person who knows your taste, preferences and situation; or be ensured all the pics been taken by a professional photographer rather than an automated system. This is it, this is Sandro.B Customer Care&Service Experience.

We are a small team of passionate people and we want a personal and tailored relationship with you assuring you sartorial quality also in Customer Care services. We consider it as crucial as distinctive of Sandro.B value proposition. 

Besides, we would like to share our view about Quality and Concepts and your opinions, feedbacks, comments in order to continuosly growing our .B Community.

We have realized and run a high professional photo studio assuring all of our pics taking right colours and details. No automated pics!

When it comes to packing you can tell immediately with whom you deal. This tells more an all advertisement and promises made.” This phrase, from testimonial Heinrich, explains our aim.

We offer One Business Day of Shipping from Italy which is a very hard task considering the time zone. We answer your Questions and messages right away.

We carefully take measurements of all garments in order to help you to check the size and the fit. We Package your garments with great attention, we protect them with plastic covers/bags and use right-fit boxes or envelopes. We want you to say “Wow” while opening your parcel.

"I am 100% satisfied with every purchase and well over 68 transactions over the years", This from Testimonial Joseph, and this our purpore for every customer

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For any question, contact our Customer Careinfo@sandro-b.com

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And remember, "We deliver the apparel of your dreams"

THE PALADINS OF QUALITY: "SVEVO", the Ultralight Knitwear , One Needle per Millimeter

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