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.Best Brands and Garments

If you prefer a shoemaker which owns from decades the right anatomic patterns of male foot or a sartorial brand who runs a tailor school to maintain the competence: Well, This is it.

Our Brand is Sandro.B, whose ID Card is .B Quality and Service for all the garments, apart from the designer.

To do that, we select only Brands/Lines/Garments (not all the lines of a single brand grant the same quality) matching our basic Requirements in terms of materials, craftsmanship, manufacturing process and history.

All of Our Manufacturers own at least 50 years of history (possible exceptions for companies coming from previous heritage), which is the only way to possess the fundamental competences and assets ensuring quality.

We often visit most of them, deepening their making process and techniques. They're highly focused on production which basically means full control of the Value Chaine, highly professional people and first class raw materials. And above all, it means the original insertion of artisan techniques in their industrial processes with a skilled combination of manual and mechanical operations.

Normally, they're are located in Italy. Italy is the only country in the world covering the entire supply chain of Textile, Clothes, Shoes and Accessories including, for example, buttons making or looms production. 

Passion leads us in this adventure which started in 2013 from the main e-commerce platform (account SandroBbay). Now we count more than 1500 customers and 100% positive feedbacks

Make this to be your adventure, please Join .B Community!

And remember, "We deliver the apparel of your dreams"

THE PALADINS OF QUALITY: "SVEVO", the Ultralight Knitwear , One Needle per Millimeter

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"SARTORIO": the young and bohemian interpretation of neapolitan school

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