Perfect from autumn till spring in perfect leisure fitting.

"All of our items match our quality code" 

If Luxury means quality... but what does quality mean? This is the most important question... 

How to recognize quality if you're not a super-expert? How to get it apart form price, which should be only a consequence?

Are you able to recognize a coat or shirt with handmade finished or basted armholes? Or all your suits be with canvasses? or mother of pearls buttons? Or a full canvas suits? or goose pillows with no less than 80% of Downs (only 20% of less comfortabile feathers)? Or shirts with at least 7 stitches per centimeter? Or fabrics coming from Italian or British mills only? Or shoes made with natural linings and full grain-first class leather? Or all of your ties hand-cut with scissors to grant perfect 45 degree centering and alignment of designs for every square? Or all your suits be with canvasses

These are abstracts from Our Quality code... According to our view, we have defined the basic .B Quality Requirements and we ensure them for all of our items, apart from single brands. They are Sandro.B ID Card. 

Look at the .B Quality section to understand both the general conditions and the technical requisites. You'll discover that the main factor lies in the use of Artisan Techniques inside industrial processes with an expert combination of manual and mechanical operations. 

We did this because we want you to be an informed buyer and because the Consciousness of quality is the first step to feel the garment as really Yours. It drives you through your personal road to Elegance, for the man who dresses for himself rather than for fashion only.

Since this road requires also the knowledge of the language of clothes, we created the ".B Concept" section where you can deepen the secret meanings and culture of menswear.

Make this to be your adventure, please Join .B Community!

And remember, "We deliver the apparel of your dreams"

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