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Grey Blue Crewneck Cashmere Sweater

MAIN TOPIC: Sweaters need to gently wrap your upper body without wrinkles and pills. In order to do that, first we need the best yarn quality in terms of fiber length and thinness, particularly for cashmere. Secondly, a correct yarn treatment (moistering and light wax) and control at the beginning and during the productive process.  Third, a high density knitting following a mix of art and experience code. Let's go through them 

TIME FOR QUALITY: At least 3 hours of human work from cutting to ironing (for cardigan and blousons process should be 1-2 hours longer)

FABRIC SUPPLIERS: Italy or UK for silk, wool and cashmere; Western Europe for cotton and linen

MATERIALS - CASHMERE YARN: Fiber longer than 2.5 inches; the diameter less than 18 micron; 2-ply yarn is highly preferible
Aesthetic pleasure, comfort, warmth; strong reduction of pilling since continuous pilling can be the result of a high percentage of short fibers combined with a loosely knit fabric

PROCESS - PRE-WORKING TREATMENT: pre-washing, moistening and light wax treatment of the yarn
more workable yarn which becomes softer, lighter and more resistant. The best manufacturers leave the yarn for some days to moisten in specific boxes

PROCESS - KNITTING (for formal/business sweater): High density of the knitted yarn. Number of yarns per inch more than 26 Gauge (n. 1 needle per 1,3 millimeter)
Duration, Pleasure. Pull the sides of the sweater apart and then let them go.
The sweater should snap back to its original shape.

PROCESS - FINISHING: Ironing and Washing
Duration, no shrinking after first washing 

SEWING: buttons as handmade sewed
Resistance, they don't pull put

MATERIALS - BUTTONS:  natural materials  (mother of pearl, horn, wood, corozo, ..)
Aesthetic pleasure, duration of colour and shape

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