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.B Concept: "Shoes reveal the man" - .B Shoes

Brown Calfskin Crocodile Loafers Shoes

MAIN TOPIC: Shoes, together with dress coats, are the main work of art in menswear. They are designed and constructed to deal with 28 bones, 27 articulations, 100 ligaments, 23  muscles and a very capillar nervous system. Moreover they hold up your 80 kilograms 3000 times a day and assures all the foot and ankle torsions and movements. And more, they could even improve the way we walk. These are hard tasks, with lots of wins and losses and 3 great schools: the british, the italian and the french one. Apart from style, the main strength of the greatest manufactures are the established anatomic models coming from years of experience and knowledge. Most of today retail shoes are made for a brief life and with shining leather to impress the impulse-driven customer. Obviously, Sandro.B business is just the opposite. 

TIME FOR QUALITY: At least 6 hours of skilled human work per each garment

LEATHER SUPPLIERS: Western Europe, possibly USA

DESIGN - EXTERIOR: Proportions: distance among stitches, welt width, heel height and length, the model of toe and the relationship among them
Aesthetic pleasure, fucntionality 

DESIGN - INTERNAL: Use of established form and patterns according to foot anatomy
Wellness, Comfort; great design for the exterior means nothing if interior is not comfortable.

PROCESS: Manual leather Cutting (no laser)
Selection only of perfect leather parts 

CONSTRUCTION: Vamp stitched on the Sole, no adhesive
Comfort, Wellness, Duration. 

CONTRUCTION: Presence of anterior and posterior counterforts
Duratior. Moreover, they grant less strikes to your foot. This is fundamental for your wellness. If someone tells "this shoes are great since they dress like a glove", get away from him. Apart from car shoes, nothing could be wronger: feet are not like hands: they do not need the same movement and suffer from continuous torsions.

CONSTRUCION: leather sole and cork filling
Breathe. Natural Materials (including leather sole) are essential for sweat transpiration; even an open sandal, if plastic made, will hold the sweat

PROCESS: The Upper Leather has been left on a form for days 
The only way to ensure the right shape and, above all, to keep it in the course of time.

PROCESS: final finissage only with polish cream; no spray or varnish
Aesthetic pleasure, natural lightness 

MATERIALS - LINING: only goat or veal, and tanned with water (no chemical substances ilke chrome)
Wellness, avoid chemical material contacting your skin

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