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Grey Jeans

In Sandro.B we prefer classic jeans according to their long history whose main topic are resistance and easiness for open-air or working use.
For quality, main topics are materials and construction. Let's go through them.

TIME FOR QUALITY: At least 2.5 hours of human work from cutting to ironing

FABRIC SUPPLIERS: Western Europe and Japan

DESIGN: Strong preference for jeans original code: 5 pockets, metal rivet (copper is preferible), visibile double stitches (preferible in yellow cotton)
Comfort, Resistance, and aesthetic pleasurePROCESS - PRE-WASHING of fabrics and canvasses
Less rigid, softer and workable fabric; no shrinkage after first washings

SEWING: Straight Lines for Stitching
Duration, Comfort, Aesthetic pleasure; in lots of low quality jeans (mainly chinese origin) you can see crooked stitches, rather than straight ones

SEWING: buttons as handmade sewed
Resistance, they don't pull put

MATERIALS -FABRIC: yarn-dyed denim and with weigth more than 11.5 onzes per meter
(the best is 14.5)
Duration, aestethic pleasure

MATERIALS - BUTTONS: Metal at the fly;
FunctionalityCONSTRUCTION: Pockets with lining in natural materials
Resistance and functionality

.B Concept: "I wouldn't leave without my blue jeans on"

Andy Warhol

Jeans are the most liquid garment of the wardrobe. Today people wear jeans of every form (and unform) and everywhere.

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