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.B Concept: "Male legs should vanish into pants and pants into man outfit" - .B Pants

Blue Pinstripe Wool Pants

MAIN TOPIC: Pants needs to hide muscles and bones, to facilitate the up/down (i.e. going upstairs) movements of the ankle, to grant the transport of precious things from keys to hammers for workers. Here again we have lots of different models, shapes, patterns related to use (formal, city informal, sport, labour, home, etc). Anyway, the perfect drop is main topic together with the respect of proportion amongs patterns and parts. 

TIME FOR QUALITY: At least 2.5 hours of human work from cutting to ironing

FABRIC SUPPLIERS: Italy and UK per wool and cashmere; Western Europe for cotton and linen

DESIGN: Respect of anatomic proportions. Compliance with codified rules which matches together shapes/model/fabrics togehter and combine them with basic functionalities
The only way to ensure comfort; aesthetic and functional harmony among the single parts togeher and related to use (front and back length; top and bottom width; front rise and fly length; number and kind of pockets; pinces vs flat front; ... etc)

PROCESS: Manual Tracing of Patterns on fabrics and hand-cutting (no laser)
Respect of continuity between line and circles; fabric check P

CONSTRUCTION: Use of iron to pattern the crotch
Comfort, Movement, Wellness

CONSTRUCTION: Presence of no less than 6 belt loops
Duration, Aestethic Pleasure

SEWING: No less then 5 stitches per centimeter
Resistance; folds or curlings reduction

MATERIALS -LINING: natural fibers

POCKETS - FORMAL PANTS:  preference for vertical pattern and with lining
Comfort; flat pocket are perfect only if yor are slim and have nothing to carry on with you; lining grants duration

MATERIALS - BUTTONS:  Plats and subtle ones at the fly; normal at waist and pockets

CONSTRUCTION: Preference (not mandatory)  for two buttons at waist
Comfort, you can change button if your measurments change too

CONSTRUCTION  - FORMAL PANTS: Preference (not mandatory) for the presence of V-vent on the back
Comfort, more elasticity to small size change

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