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Blue Checked Tie

MAIN TOPIC: Ties need to be worn without folds or wrinkles, to keep the knot all-day-long and maintain the same colour and pattern in the course of time. Without this, they cannot make the man feel good and this is the problem since only aesthetic pleasure (not warmth or freshness) is what a man asks to a necktie. Again it's a matter of quality in material, craftsmanship and process. Basically, there are two different kinds of silk ties with somewhat different quality needs: the yarn-dyed ties and the printed ones.

TIME FOR QUALITY: At least 1,5 hours of skilled human work

FABRIC SUPPLIERS: Italy or UK for silk. This is almost mandatory if you don't want to risk plastic or plastic-like ties (even with the use of ink-jet printing as it happens for some industrial productions)

DESIGN: Respect of proportions and harmony among parts, patterns and materials
Proportions among front, back, tail. Harmony between fabrics and patterns; harmony between shell, interlining and tipping; length and width; fabric weight vs lining and canvasses weights; width between cm. 8.5 and 9.5 at the widest point

PROCESS: Manual Tracing and hand-cutting with scissors (no laser) of the 3 pieces ("pala", "codino", "giuntura") componing a tie
45 degree centering and alignment of designs for every single square

SEWING: Strong Preference for fully handmade ties
Aesthetic pleasure, more consistent hem, simpler knotting

PROCESS - YARN-DYED TIES: Strong preference for the use of pure chain technique
No black rims around the micro-designs or lines or other patterns

MATERIALS - CANVASSES: wool and cotton blend
Resistance and elasticity to knotting; no deformations and wrinkles

MATERIALS - SILK YARNS: classified quality not less than 4A

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