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.B Concept: "The Shirt is the Gravitational Centre of Mens' Attire"  - .B Shirts

White Blue Striped Shirt

MAIN TOPIC: If suits try to win gravity, shirts would transform gravity in grace. They simply must drape on the body without folds, wrinkles or curlings. Besides sleeves have to move independently from shoulder. And they had to grant duration, shape and wellness (first of all: breath of fabric and canvas), since they are in contact with your skin. 

TIME FOR QUALITY: At least 4 hours of human work from cutting to ironing 

FABRIC SUPPLIERS: Western Europe for both cotton and silk

DESIGN: Respect of anatomic proportions and of codified rules matching shapes/model/fabrics with basic functionalities
The only way to ensure comfort, aesthetic and functional harmony among the single parts of a shirt (i.e. collar, cuffs, armhole, yoke, sleeves placket, front placket, darts, possible pocket, etc)PROCESS: Manual Tracing of Patterns on fabrics and hand-cutting (no laser)
Respect of continuity between lines and circles; fabrics check

PROCESS - PRE-WASHING of fabrics and canvasses
Less rigid, softer and workable fabric; no shrinkage after first washing

PROCESS - IRONING with artisan flatiron (no press machines)
Lightness of fabric, Comfort

CONSTRUCTION: Hand-Finished Armholes
Sleeves independence, plumb fall for sleeves, wellness, comfort

SEWING: No less than 7 and no more than 10 stitches per centimeter
Resistance; folds or curlings reduction; sleeve independence. More thant 10 stitched could make the sleeve too rigid

SEWING: Strong preference (not mandatory) for handmade sewed armholes 
Resistance, they don't pull out

SEWING: buttons as handmade sewed
Resistance, they don't pull out

MATERIALS - CANVASSES: natural fibers and crushproof
Comfort, Breathe, duration, no shrinkage

MATERIALS - BUTTONS:  mother of pearl 
Aesthetic plesure, duration of colour and shape

MATERIALS - SEWING THREAD: Twisted and thin thread
Duration, Aesthetic pleasure

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