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.B Concept: "The Most Viril Piece of Mens' Wardrobe" - .B Overcoats

MAIN TOPICS: the Classic Overcoat is the male garment for excellence. Every man should own it, since it is the most simbolic, powerful and viril piece of the wardrobe. It should win  the gravity and follows the right volumes to enhance your body without feeling it as an armor. Again it's a matter of craftsmanship, making process and materials.

TIME FOR QUALITY: At least 10 hours of human work per each garment, from cutting to final ironing.

FABRIC SUPPLIERS: Italy or UK; possibly Western Europe, for wool and cashmere

DESIGN: Respect of body proportion and basic measurements
The only way to ensure comfort

PROCESS: Manual Tracing of Shades and Templates on fabrics and hand-cutting (no laser)
Respect of continuity between line and circles; fabric check

PROCESS: Use of flatiron (no vapor) in various steps
Right volumes and outlines

SEWING: Strong preference for handmade basted armholes
Comfort, wearability, movement of sleeves independent from the rest of the coat

SEWING: buttons as handmade sewed
Resistance, they don't pull out

CASHMERE: fiber length more than 1.5 inches
Softness, warmth per square

MATERIALS - BUTTONS:  natural material (Horn, Corozo, ..); Plastic for expections (i.e. the stylist choose  a colur or shape obatinable only with plastics)
Aesthetic plesure, duration

MATERIALS - LINING: silk or cotton or bemberg
Comfort, Movement, Breathe

MATERIALS - SHOULDER: natural material
Comfort, Movement, Breathe

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