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Grey Checked Wool Suit

MAIN TOPICS: Together with shoes, Dress Coats are the greatest work of art in menswear. Their main challenge is to win the gravity. It is a matter of volumes and shapes, not of straight lines. If you put a great sartorial coat on the table, it will never lay flat, since the garment construction somewhat maintains the body volumes and conformation. In addition, the single parts should move independently each other (if you move a sleeve, the "torso" part should stand stable). It is a matter of construction and craftsmanship. Let's go through them.

TIME FOR QUALITY: At least 12 hours for Suits; 10 for Coats - .B Concept: "Suits are a Work of Art"

FABRIC SUPPLIERS: Italy or UK; possibly Western Europe

DESIGN: Respect of anatomic proportions and basic functionalities
The only way to ensure comfort

PROCESS: Use of flatiron (no vapor) in various steps
Right volumes and outlines

CONSTRUCTION: sewed CANVAS (not fused), in natural material (linen is the favourite one)
The shape follows your body and keep it in the course of time; Comfort, duration

SEWING: Strong preference for handmade basted armhole
Comfort, wearability, movement of sleeves indipendent from the rest of the coat

SEWING: buttons as handmade sewed
Resistance, they don't pull put

MATERIALS - BUTTONS:  natural material (Horn, Corozo, ..); Plastic for expections (i.e. the stylist chooses a colour or shape attainable only with plastics)
Aesthetic plesure, duration

MATERIALS - LINING: silk or cotton or bemberg
Comfort, Movement, Breathe

MATERIALS - SHOULDER PADS: natural material
Comfort, Movement, Breathe

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SHOP THE .B QUALITY IN SUITS - At least 12 hours of human work, All Canvas

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"SARTORIO": the young and bohemian interpretation of neapolitan school

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