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Since 2013

Joseph, Jeff, Heinrich, Mark, Alec, Alexander: these are some of the men who trusted us since our early beginnings in 2013.

"100% satisfied", "I'm not an easy customer", "the best price/quality ratio", "enjoy my purchases every day", "no hesitation in recommending", "I discovered this site too late", "synonym of top quality"... these are the words, together with our 100% positive feedbacks, which encouraged us to start this new adventure 

So, thank you Joseph, Jeff, Heinrich, Mark, Alec, Alexander and all of you who trusted Sandro.B during these years...

I have been doing business with Sandro.B for over two years. Many people may have varied concerns for purchasing online and international. I have purchased well over 30 suits and sports jackets from Sandro.B . I have purchased for myself and my two sons and have referred friends that have done business. The suits mostly Brioni (arguably the finest suit maker in the world) as well as Kiton.
Let me offer this their are opinions and their is experience; I prefer the latter in aiding in decisions.

All items 100% authentic! All in new amazing conditions as any new store bought. I also have purchased numerous outerwear such as Kiton shearling, deer skin jackets and butter soft lambskin.
Simply put they are selling the finest made and highest fashion Made in Italy. My choice has been clear and I am 100% satisfied with every purchase and well over 68 transactions over the years!

I am not an easy customer – I have high standards for customer service, item quality and price. I’ve been purchasing from a variety of sources (both Brick and Mortar and Internet for number of years). I have found that the quality of the items (most often I buy Kiton) have been outstanding. The price is almost always the best I could find and the service friendly and prompt. It is interesting to note that while I live in the New York area my interactions with Sandro.B makes it seem as if I’m speaking to people I know. That personal quality plus the price quality ratio make this the first place I stop when I’m looking for high-end men’s wear.

I’m a militar adviser, entrepreneur, 47 yrs old, I am a casual person or lets call it a formal casual person. I like my jackets because they feature enough pockets to put all my stuff in there. Some like the Cucinelli sports jackets come with 11 pockets! For special occasions as much as for the less special ones, everything is about accessories. Not may people are able to tell what you wear, but again, the tuxedo from Attolini will fit before and after a twelve-course dinner. That is craftsmanship, and that’s why you should not wear it for anyone else than yourself.
Sandro.B spread the culture of quality and select only the brands with the best quality/price ratio. There is nothing over a Kiton shirt for instance and its superb quality. You may rather manage to wear it down after many years than see a button fall off - when this comes at a reasonable price, it’s a clear buy. People that want to safe money cannot compromise on quality - that’s for sure.
Sandro.B came across my way on internet. I didn’t search for it. I have been surprised by the selection and price when such trades were nowhere to find in Europe.

The difference among other sellers it is clearly the price, constantly good conversation and permanent strive for customer relation.
They are friends at Sandro.B They do the job for me and find what I could never find myself on this difficult market.
Thanks to Sandro.B I enjoy my purchased every day. I have a huge wardrobe put together over the years and perhaps Sandro.B contributed a share to it.
Their communication is brilliant. When it comes to packing, either a suitcase or a parcel which you prepare for shipment, you can tell immediately with whom you deal. This tells more an all advertisement and promises made. I expect the same care as when you receive your orders from Brioni flagship stores - here you get it.

I can’t tell how much time I save by using Sandro.B service, but visiting stores doesn’t just happen to me and when I do so it is the result of real desire and it takes me long time to find the time for it. When I’m there it doesn’t matter how long I stay there. But this way I can make my selection while waiting for a business partner whom I meet for lunch or while having breakfast or when stuck in traffic jam - with the right car, you can perhaps do it.
I used to ship stuff across from the US. I hated thus, because these are European brands, and I hate to look stupid even though nobody knows. 

I have been purchasing goods from Sandro.B for many years now. I have predominately bought items of high quality men’s clothing.
Unfortunately, living in Perth Western Australia the range of designer men’s clothing is limited. Therefore, I often buy on-line. This is when I came across Sandro.B site.
I was initially concerned to purchase expensive items on-line in case they are non genuine. To date I have received a number of excellent Kiton jackets and clothing items which have all been brand new and the genuine article.
I have no hesitation in recommending this web site and have always found sandro.B’s service to be excellent.

I purchased numerous items from Sandro.B, and every time the service was friendly and extremely professional. The range of products for sale is quite impressive, price is often unbeatable, and communication - easy. Too bad I discovered this site too late, otherwise I'd buy much more. Highly recommended without any hesitation!

I prefer premium quality not only in how a garment looks but mostly how it feels, therefore if I have to choose between selecting a top brand but medium quality item and a second tier, unknown brand but with premium quality - I’d go for the second option. However normally the brands that Sandro.B offers are synonym to top quality. I love Kiton slim suits and sport jackets, Svevo and Brunello’s knitwear, TF suits, Borelli and Barba shirts, Tod’s and Ferragamo shoes. For this reason I am totally agree with the choice of Sandro.B to spread the culture of quality and select only the brands with the best quality/price ratio.
About Sandro.B I like the selection of items, many of which are really hard to find not only in other online stores, but in normal shops as well. This is Sandro.B strong point. Another thing that I like is that Sandro.B is very flexible in treating its customers offering many different options when I want to buy something. And I definitely would recommend Sandro.B to my friends.
All my experiences with Sandro.B are positive. Most of the items I bought fit me perfectly.
The communication, shipping, packaging and pricing are very good!
Sandro.B is among my 2 preferred sellers out of dozens I bought from. What I like is the personal approach Sandro.B offer to its customers in terms of overall advising, sale and after sale communication. The pricing is another great characteristic - They always give their best quotation and you don’t need to verify whether it’s good, you just trust it because it is.

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