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If you search the lowest price for a shirt, Sandro.B is not the case. But if you search the best price for an hand-cut shirt with handmade sewed buttons, long staple cotton, mother of pearls buttons: well this is it!

This from Jeff, one of our Testimonials: "My interactions with Sandro.B make it seems as if I’m speaking to people I know. That personal quality plus the price quality ratio make this the first place I stop when I’m looking for high-end men’s wear"

As from Jeff, we are confident to grant one of the .Best Price/Quality Ratio on the net. And more, we explain quality like no other, probably.

Our Prices are sustainable, in the sense that they primarily reflect B.Quality in materials, processes and craftsmanship. But they're not the "one in a life bargain". This is not for .B Quality.

As an example, a good 160s wool fabric would cost S100 a meter.  You need 3.3 meter and 12 hours (much more in some cases) of professional work (costing in Italy no less than $30 an hour) to make a .B Suit. This already counts for almost $800 and we have to add all the other costs: retail (multiplication for 2or3), taxes, shipping, packages, machines, power... We know luxury is expensive... for Sandro.B it means Sustainable prices... 

In addition, please consider that such quality normally means Duration, so the price comparisons should take into account the time factor too.

For example, we think that you can probably wear a Sandro.B poplin dress shirt the double of times than a medium quality poplin shirt. Moreover, you have the pleasure and image of being well and comfortable dressed. 

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And remember, "We deliver the apparel of your dreams"

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