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True Luxury is the "Made in Italy" Kind. Culture, History and Craftsmanship live here. 

We are born and raised in Italy, that is the source of 60-70% of quality and luxury worldwide productions in clothes. It is not only a matter of tradition, culture and craftsmanship which of course are main strengths. It is a matter of realism: Italy is the only country with companies covering all the primary and lateral steps of the value chain

Silk, leather, yarns, buttons, looms, sewing machine, knitwear, wool fabrics, tanning, sales agents, cotton fabrics, packaging, professional scissors, pigments, designer, professional shippers, tailors, shoes artisans, dyes, patterns, oils, cleansers, soles, zips ... everything is in Italy and everything is at its heights....   


Italian companies are able to sustain the highest cost per employee in the world only because they are champion of quality and craftsmanship. 

And such highest cost is the only way to keep alive the craftsmanship: otherwise people would change their job or go abroad.

Indeed, Italy's map of luxury productions: Naples (suits, Ties, shirts, shoes sartorial school), Bologna (shirts, shoes), Rome and Abruzzo (Sartorial Luxury), Florence (Leather, Fashion Schools), Parma-Carpi-Perugia (Knitwear-Sportswear), Venice and Padua (knitwear, suits, Leather,), Como (Silk Handling), Biella (Precious Wool&Cotton fabrics), Puglia (shirts, knitwear), Marche (shoes, leather, knitwear), and more...

In these locations, people own unique and highly specialized skills  that are handed down from one generation to another. This is the Italian world "Sapienza" (a mix of knowledge, wisdom and culture), not replicable outside Italy like "Mechanical Swiss Watches" are not reproducible outside Switzerland. 

Hereunder an image from an old silk lab in Como Area.


Most of the companies have been family-owned for lots of generations.
It means competence and PASSION.
The same passion we have for quality clothes, shoes and accessories.
Sandro started 20 years ago 
exploring the art and techniques of clothing and searching/buying for himself the best price/quality garments through Italian labs, workshops and factories. 

In 2013, Sandro thought that what is convenient for him it would be convenient for you too and founded the SandroBbay preliminary project based on number 1 e.commerce open platform. "My Biz is Your Biz", this was the beginning notice...

At present (2017) we have more than 1500 customers throughout the world and 100% of positive feedbacks. But we want to share and spread our passion for quality even more: Growing .B Community it means Growing .B Quality and Maintaining .B Prices.

Make this to be your adventure, please Join .B Community!

And remember, "We deliver the apparel of your dreams"

THE PALADINS OF QUALITY: "SVEVO", the Ultralight Knitwear , One Needle per Millimeter

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