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Do you want all your buttons be hand-sewed?

Or the making of your dress shoes taking at least 6 hours of highly skilled human work and using only first class leather? Or 4 hours for your dress shirts?

 Or all of your ties hand-cut with scissors to grant perfect 45 degree centering and alignment of designs for every square?

Or all your suits be with canvasses?

Or lots of other requisites for .B Quality? This is it... This is Sandro-B.com unique and innovative quality code which operates independently from the brands we sell.  This code goes back also to profound meanings we tell in Sandro.B Concepts about clothes, for every men of style... 

This is because Sandro.B promotes a precise meaning of luxury: Luxury is the ability of recognizing, buying and wearing garments which incorporates Quality in patterns, fabrics, design, cutting, sewing, finishing, ironing and packaging.

Nothing new for this meaning; Coco Chanel, 50 years ago, told the same: "Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity”

Price is only the consequence of quality, NOT the medium or the sensor in order to presume quality. Sandro.B proposes only the .Best Price/Quality Ratio in brands and items, and explains you Why, How and Where.

So Knowledge is the way to Luxury in the sense of perceiving your precious garment unique as You are. Anyway, it is only the first step.


When you wake up each morning, you should ask yourself: WHO I'll meet, WHERE and WHY, and then choose how to dress.

To do that, you need the essentials of the Language of Clothes (for example: coordination between colour, fabrics, season, daytime & daylight-weather-occasion-dress code-individual taste…) in order to combine contemporary needs and outfit with Italian and British 19th century heritage. The Deepest Meanings of Clothes ("the .BConcepts") are useful too.

Ok, you got it. Now you're somewhat elegant. But You still need the last step: the knowledge of YOURSELF...THIS LEADS YOU TO STYLE


If you know yourself, you can interpret the rules of elegance in a personal way, in other words, you can have Style. Elegance is a general and universal concept, Style is Personal and Unique. At the extreme, you could consciously betray the rules of elegance and have style.

It's a hard and long task, full of wins and losses, since you need to deepen your knowledge and have a clear self-perception. But it could work.

If You know Yourself, You can suit the grammar of clothes to your own personality and needs.

Make this to be your adventure, please Join .B Community!

And remember, "We deliver the apparel of your dreams"

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