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    The Founder of Bolognese Construction

    HERITAGE: Since 1929, Bolognese School for Shoes making.

    .B QUALITY TIP: The final hemming, assemblage and finishing of their shoes involve up to 200 manual operations.


    The Synonymous of hat: 160 years of history,  Humphrey Bogart used to wear Borsalino's only.

    HERITAGE: Since 1857, Borsalino represents tradition, culture, Made in Italy and quality: all of Sandro.B values

    .B QUALITY TIP: Every felt hat passes through around fifty production phases and it takes an average of seven weeks' work to finish the hat.


    With its signature intrecciato leather, it is one of the most iconic fashion houses in the world.

    Bottega Veneta continues to evolve its timeless vision through innovation and forward-thinking design, always based on expert Italian craftsmanship.


    The sartorial master of Roman Style, "Dolce Vita" and James Bond icon

    HERITAGE: Since 1945, "Abruzzo" tailoring tradition, Rome as Capital of Fashion and Design during '50s and '60s

    .B QUALITY TIP: Every Brioni Sport Coat requires between 5000 and 7000 stitches. 


    "Labour at the core"

    HERITAGE: Since 1978, "Perugia and Umbria" tradition and competence in knitwear and cashmere (n. 13000 workers in 1978) going back to the beginnings of '900

    .B QUALITY TIP: Wooden beams, frescoes walls and brick floors in the workshop: an image to show how people are the "Core". Top quality as a result of the inner qualities of every employee.


    Impeccable handmade features for impeccable suits

    HERITAGE: Since 1934, Family run company 

    .B QUALITY TIP: The bias binding are applied by hand on the shoulder head and around the armholes 


    "The Founder of Neapolitan Suit School"

    HERITAGE: Since 1930, when a young Neapolitan tailor, Vincenzo Attolini, rewrote the rules of elegance making the jacket as soft and lightweight as a shirt

    .B QUALITY TIP: The Cesare Attolini Jacket is an ancient and modern masterpiece, there's no quality tip since all the manufacturing process is the essence of quality. At least 25 hours of fully handmade making. Anyway we can cite how each stage of stitching is followed by a stage of ironing.


    Since Thomas Church first began his small shoemaking business in 1873, Church's shoes have become known around the world for their high-quality materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and deep respect for tradition


    HERITAGE: Born in 1992 in the heart of Italy, Umbria, Cruciani represents a long family tradition and a constantly evolving research path. The brand is now a symbol of a contemporary elegance based on strong heritage and tradition.

    Casual and sophisticated style

    .B QUALITY TIP: 100% Made in Italy. Careful and patient work of skilled workers who are intensively trained to achieve the exclusive philosophy of the brand.



    HERITAGE: Since 1979, in a small village on the Hills of Parma. Passion of two friends led up to this adventure. Today, You can find Equipage in some of the most prestigious boutiques and department stores in the world.

    .B QUALITY TIP: Model sheets handmade and hand-cut. The most precious fabrics


    The Master of Plaited Pullover

    HERITAGE: Since 1934, Northern Milano knitting tradition

    .B QUALITY TIP: Fedeli has been the creator of the plaited pullover, a firm favourite within the golfing world


    Neapolitan craftsmanship and bright colours

    HERITAGE: Since 1925, Neapolitan Sartorial School

    .B QUALITY TIP: Exclusively seven folds ties only and completely hand-sewn

  • FRAY

    "Passion for Shirts"

    HERITAGE: Since 1962, Bolognaise School of Shirt Making

    .B QUALITY TIP: all buttons are made exclusively from Australian mother-of-pearl, specially thickened, cleaned on the back and finely rounded on the edges to make buttoning-up easier.


    Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the leading luxury fashion brands all over the world now with a renowned reputation for creativity, innovation and Italian craftsmanship. 

    Gucci is part of the Kering Group, a world leader in apparel and accessories that owns a portfolio of powerful luxury and sport and lifestyle brands.

    The finest Sportwear with Kiton design and fashion

    HERITAGE: It joins Neapolitan Sartorial School with Parma local Know How (since 70s) for Sporwear Jackets (wool, leather, fur)

    .B QUALITY TIP: goose pillows with 90% of downs and only 10% of less comfortable feathers

Showing 1 - 18 of 33 items
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