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The .B Concept: Sweaters are the most feminine garment of mens wardrobe

Christian Dior: "Nothing is more elegant than a sweater worn with a sparkling multi-stoned necklace.
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We can consider sweaters, and knitwear in general, as the most transgender garment of mens' wardrobe

Christian Dior told us: sweaters go with necklace, that is with a feminine accessory. Sweaters with their soft, embracing and sinuous shape remind the woman body and a strong sense of intimacy and protection. In other word, what men research in women, at the end.

Look at the universal symbol of sensuality: Marylin Monroe.  Even Marylin with her wide and enveloping sweater loose some of her sexy attire becoming more reassuring and domestic.

Shirts are for uniform or business, when a man (or woman) is acting an assertive role. Sweaters are for home and relax, a sort of kennel where man could eventually be himself, where man could be woman and viceversa. That's why we could consider sweaters, and knitwear in general, as the most transgender garment of mens' wardrobe.

Probably their growing popularity and importance (while the classic long coats, symbol of virility, are going down) are a reflex of present times and spirit.

Anyway, to do well its job, the sweater need some quality binding features whose entry level is .B Quality. Sandro.B Sweaters features 3 hours of professional work at least, long fiber length and high thinness, moistering and light wax yarn treatment, high density of knitting, Italy or UK yarn suppliers, cashmere fibers longer than 1,5 inches

IN SHORT, be carefull in replacing shirts with sweater: you should take account that tradition and culture attribute the sweater a role for open air and home... Don't forget the rules...

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