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The .B Concept: Suits are a Work of Art

Gay Talese: "Putting on a beautiful suit elevates my spirit, extols my sense of self, and helps define me as a man to whom details matter."
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We look at a painting or statue, we watch a movie, we listen to music and... we wear a suit

Gay Talese is a famous author. His father was an immigrant form Italy and a tailor. So he knows the matter.

When he speaks of spirit, selfishness, self-esteem... well, he speaks about art, about the sense of art.

The only difference is in the process: we look at a painting or statue, we watch a movie, we listen to music and ... WE WEAR A SUIT.

Pay attention: we are mentioning great fabrics sartorial suits, incorporating history and knowldege, whose entry level is marked by .B Quality Requisites.

Basically, the modern suit, the suit as work of art, was born at the end of'20s, in the tailorshop of Mr. Scholte, Savile Row, London. This was possible also thanks to the suggestions coming from his great client mr. Duke of Windsor.

Hereunder Duke of Windsor and Frederick Scholte

We can consider The Duke of Windsor, together with tailor Scholte, the artist who founded the modern suit, like Giotto founde modern painting.

Hereunder the "Scrovegni Chapel" in Padua, Italy.

In Italy, the finest and most innovative interpret of British Style is the prestigious House of Brioni, founded by tailors Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini in 1945, in Rome, Via Barberini, the "core" of "Dolce Vita".

In 1952, at Palazzo Pitti (Florence) Brioni innovated the fashion show concept: a man and his suit for the first time on a catwalk.

Hereunder, the most famous Brioni Testimonial, Sean Connery in 007 James Bond film "Diamonds are Forever"

Always in the thirties, another forerunner, Cesare Attolini from Naples, codified the only other original suit school, the Neapolitan One, based on a soft, smooth and informal way of sewing. 

This great school has been silent for years acting in its Napoli's golden cage. Starting 15 years from now, the Neapolitan school is now the epitome of the cultured contemporary stylish man.

from Cesare Attolini we mention the venerable House of Kiton and Sartorio, a younger and fashionable interpretation of Neapolitan Style.

Generally speaking, Brioni, Canali, Belvest are closer to the British Heritage. Kiton, Sartorio, Cesare Attolini, Isaia, to the Neapolitan One

IN SHORT,  together with shoes, Dress Suits are the greatest work of art in the history of mens' clothes. Their main challenge is to win the gravity.

It is a matter of volumes and shapes, not of straight lines. So, don't forget the pleasure of being dressed with a well done suit, according to British or Neapolitan Schools

These and other matters will be deepen in next  Sandro.B articles where you can post your comments... let's keep in touch...

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