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The B. Concepts: Shoes reveal the man

Horace: "If a man's fortune does not fit him, it is like a shoe; if too large it trips him up, if too small it pinches him" 
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As states Christian Louboutin: "shoes are a communication tool between people", according to experts of visual attention, shoes cover only 5% of your body but account for more than 30% of your look success...

Look at those pictures, these men wear more or less the same clothes but shoes are the gaze centre and their attires seem rather different.

for Infomal

and Formal

Shoes influence your wellness, too: the foot has 28 bones, 27 articulations, 100 ligaments, 23 muscles and a very capillar nervous system... In addition holds up your weight 3000 times a day, more or less. This means you need the right shoes, dont'you?

Besides, shoes are the most technical apparel in mens wardrobe:  tennis shoes origin for managing the abrupts, the boat ones for adhering to wet surfaces, the country ones for protecting against humidity, the city ones for facing the hot tarmats or damping the effects of going up and downstairs...

And more, shoes are the apparel where duration is more influenced by quality and care than any other.. a well done $900 pair of formal shoes could be less expensive than a poor quality $150 since the well done one normally lasts 5-6 times more than low quality...

Here's is a sample of top quality dress shoes, italian made from cutting to final polishing

... and more than 50% of top quality shoes in the whole world are made by italian makers where Sandro.B traditionally gets his shoes in artisan workshops and brands...

... where such instruments are used

Sandro.B Shoes ensure high quality since they features at least 6 hours of professional man-work, patterns in compliance with foot anatomy, vamp rightly stitched to the sole, manual leather cutting, anterior and posterior counterforts, finissage only with polish cream (no spray), upper leather left on wood form for days.

IN SHORT, considering the aesthetics issues, the role of the shoes in mens attire, the importance for foot comfort, safety and movement, don't forget to select only high quality shoes.

These and other matters will be deepen in next Sandro.B articles where you can post your comments... let's keep in touch...

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