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The .B Concept: "Male legs should vanish into pants and pants into man outfit"

Jonny Depp: "I may have a feather duster down my pants"
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Male legs are not marvellous. The have a lot of protrusions and hairs. This is a good reason why pants should hide the legs. Besides they should follow the body line and keep the form when you are moving, stable or sitting. 

According to Jonny Depp, you can hide lots of things under your pants, but first of all the leg himself. This is not only an aesthetic matter. Pants with proper line and cut allow the right mechanic of the ankle getting much more comfort.

Looking at the comprehensive men’s attire, pants make their best in a supporting role since they successfully act if they're not noticed at all. Anyway, the on-going reduction in the use of sport coats is going to confer pants an increasing relevance

Basically, in the history of pants we have Three Main Families of LinesCone or Peg-Tops (born in the 30s, tuned in the '50s), Slim or Cigarette (born at the end of '900; re -born in the 60s; Jeans (finally coded in the '50s; look at their Great History). 

Hereunder this 20s picture shows the main forms for work and dress pants

Sandro.B Pants ensures quality since they features at least 2.5 hours of making-time, the respect of proportions among patterns and among parts, manual cutting, no less than 5 stitches per centimeter, natural fibers for linings, experienced cut and sewing.

IN SHORT, in order to make legs happily vanish, pants need to be in the same time higly resistant (rubbing, fabric tensione, use) and flexible (movement of the ankle, plumb drop, comfort): that's why they need great patterns, cut and sewing. 

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