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The .Concept: The Most Viril Piece of Mens' Wardrobe

Coco Chanel: "No man can make you feel safe like a cashmere long coat" 
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Coco Chanel was right: the long coat is so symbolic and powerful that it can replace the man. Undoubtedly, the male garment for excellence is the Classic Overcoat. Every man should own it, since it is the most viril piece of the wardrobe. It joins simplicity with dramatic scenography.

Look at the simbolic strength of Napoleon wearing a grey overcoat during the French Campaign in 1814.

Think of all the movies and the actors where the overcoat, particularly the famous Trench, is the main character: Humphrey Bogart, Peter Sellers, Peter Falk…

File:Humphrey Bogart 1940.jpg

One ot the most important short story of 19th century is "the Overcoat" by the russian writer Nikolaj Gogol where the social and symbolic power of the Overcoat is the only stength of the main character. When he looses his overcoat, he looses all and life, at the end.

Sandro.B Overcoats features al least 10 hours of time for making, hand-cutting, the best long fiber, handmade sewing for buttons made of natural materials, respect of proportions in order to enhance your body, use of iron in various step and fabrics suppliers from Western Europe only.

IN SHORT, from classic heritage to contemporary outfit, the long coat remains the gentleman's garment for excellence. Every man should own some classic long coats in his wardrobe.

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