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The .B Concept - Jeans: Everything but the Tie

Andy Warhol "I wouldn't leave without my blue jeans on"
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If everything is jeans, jeans loose their identity, like coca-cola or mc donald.

"I want to die with my blue jeans on", said Andy Warhol, the prophet of Contemporary Times.

As a great artist, Andy forseed the future: jeans today are like a Prosthesis, a body extension good for everything: men-women, informal-formal-casual-radical chic-sport-leisure, morning-afternoon-night, home-outside, dress shirt-sport shirt-sweater....

However, jeans have at least three main enemies: dress coats, ties and dress shirts...

Here some examples of abuse of jeans... 

Sandro.B prefers classic jeans according to their long history whose main topics are resistance and easiness for an open-air or working use. According to this, .B Jeans features 2.5 hours of professional work at least, Western Europe or Japan Denim, pre-washing, straight lines for sewings (beware of crooked stitches, typical chinese productions), hand-sewed buttons.

IN SHORT, Jeans own a great role in classic heritage for work, leisure, sport and free time, as you can read in the article related to their great historySo, long life to jeans as free time or outdoor apparel, and... think carefully before wearing them with ties...

These and other matters will be deepen in Sandro.B articles where you can post your comments... let's keep in touch...

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