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The .B Concept: In Accessories, Fashion is free... not at all

Paloma Picasso: "I decided to do everything around fashion but fashion itself, and that's accessories"
.B Accessories

Accessories own a great advantage for fashion designers: unlike garments, they don't have tags.

Well, Paloma Picasso is right, generally speaking. Shoes, Suits, Shirts, Socks are not accessories but garments, since they need to comply with circumferences, lengths and body physic volumes.

In order to do that, the long history of menswear identified some golden rules named "tags", that is algorithms codifying in a single number the proportions among the different parts of our body.

On the opposite, wallets, ties, scarves, glasses, pocket squares etc. have almost nothing to do with the body, so they can be more abstract and imaginative...

"Eldorado" for designers, finally released by body constraints and free to full express their creativity? But, is this really true? Yes for the making, not for the use... not at all

Like garments, accessories need to be in relationship with the context, since context influences the proper use and combination of materials & colours. Here again, it's a matter of history, culture and knowledge. 

Silver and White Gold own the moon reflections so they are perfect for nights, "gala" occasions. Did you ever see a tiara in yellow gold? Probably not, since yellow gold has the color of the sun, so it complies with daily light contexts, more intellectual than physical since its strength is evoking kind.

For daily physical use, for work or open air activities, Steel is perfect since its resistance comply with operations needs. Leather, turtle, horn, bone come from hunting so their habitat is open air or somewhat sport activities. Plastic and dark metals have no reference in nature and suit technical uses or active sportwear. 

IN SHORT, accessories somewhat make the designer free but not the user, who should take account the golden rules... not to become victim of them, but actor.. and with pleasure

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