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The Master of Ultra-light Knitwear

HERITAGE: Since 1955, "Apulia" knitting tradition combined with Parmesan contemporary know how

.B QUALITY TIP: Svevo keeps moistering the yarns two days in special boxes before working them. 

Try one Svevo sweater to catch the difference. Some of our customers purchased one sweater in order to test it. At present, they own 4-5 of them, as average.

The Master of Ultra-light Knitwear

Svevo is probably the best quality Italian company in superfine ultra light knitwear. It was founded in 1955 in Apulia by Mario Somma with the precise mission of superior quality knitwear for men, created by the master hands of local craftsmen. 

The name "Svevo" comes from the famous Normanno-Svevo Castle, a medieval tower nestled between land and sea where Federico II realized his mathematical dream in architecture. 

At present, Svevo works only cashmere (coming from the most exclusive Italian and Scottish mills), cashmere+silk, tasmanian wool 160s 15.5 micron, cotton best long fibers. The average weight of a Svevo Garment is 5,29oz per square meter (150gr/mq).

The production process is all internal and goes through n. 22 steps, 11 of them completely handmade. Knitting is based on one 42 (1 needle per 0.65 millimeter) and another 36 gauge (1 needle per millimeter) machine, probably the only two existing all over the world, originally used for the subtleest women socks.

That's why we selected Svevo as key brand of Sandro.B value proposition and that's why Svevo style and quality caught the attention of the most prestigious international boutiques, like Barney’s in New York and Japan, Harrods in London, Tsum in Moscow, Degand in Bruxelles.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items
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