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The Founder of Bolognese Construction

HERITAGE: Since 1929, Bolognese School for Shoes making.

.B QUALITY TIP: The final hemming, assemblage and finishing of their shoes involve up to 200 manual operations.

The Founder of "Bolognese Construction"

The young Amedeo opens his first workshop in 1929, after learning the secrets of the most important Bolognese cobblers. In the 50’s he improves the Bolognese production to fulfil his dream of creating the most beautiful shoes in the world. To make the dream come true he has carried the real essence of Italian craftsmanship to luxury markets throughout the world, achieving a unique style.

The incomparable comfort is assured by the exclusive Bolognese construction technique and the high-grade leather which molds to the foot as you wear them. Bolognese construction is the feature which best defines the handicrafts values of an Amedeo Testoni’s shoe.

A special lining of very soft goatskin-hand sewn to the upper- fits the foot like a glove and gives remarkable elasticity to the front part of the shoe, whereas the rear part presents a harder structure in order to support the heel correctly. 

Amedeo Testoni uses only exclusive materials and leather. The great variety of leathers used that ranges from calfskin to ostrich, iguana and crocodile, constitutes a continuous challenge and commitment.

It is necessary to select the best leathers, test their resistance and find experts capable of hand-sewing complex materials that even the most sophisticated machines are unable to cut.

From the wheeling and stamping of the soles to the trimming of the edges, from the delicate procedures of antique hand shaded polishing to the final brushing: hemming, assemblage and finishing can involve 200 manual operations in an A.Testoni’s shoe.

They monitor the process in every detail and subject the product to rigorous quality control. 

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