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Pants are the leading garment in mens attire. This is Rota Concept

HERITAGE: Since 1962, Parma tailoring tradition which includes another master like "Equipage" 

.B QUALITY TIP: Each making step is followed by careful and skilled pressing to create the desired shape and lines.

Pants are the leading garment in mens attire. This is Rota Concept

The founder was tailor Ampelio Rota in 1962. His vision was to project and craft the most valuable trouser in order to make it the leading garment of mens look. 

Since the early beginnings, this meant handmade cut and sewing, perfect-fitting trousers, use of iron in each step and the most precious and expensive fabrics. 

Like 50 years ago, today Rota pants are all made in their worshop in Fidenza under the careful supervision of Rota brothers and/or skilled tailors who follow the making process step by step.   

Thereofore 100% Made in Italy and 100% made in Rota's internal proprietary tailorshop.

Quality fabrics help maintain the shape of the trousers over time. Rota’s permanent and seasonal fabric collections are selected from the finest cottons, flannels, twills and worsted.

Rota vision and concept of quality makes such brand a perfect brand for Sandro.B value proposition. 

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Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items
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