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Kiton, "basta la parola": "The word means all"

HERITAGE: Since 1968, Neapolitan Tailoring School, including suits, shirts and ties 

.B QUALITY TIP: every Kiton Shirt takes 6 hours of professional work requiring n. 22 hand-stitched steps.

Kiton, "basta la parola": "The word means all"

Kiton, " basta la parola"… an Italian slogan that can be translated in "Kiton, the word means all"…

In 1956 Ciro Paone founded CI.PA: a company producing man-tailoring clothes, In 1968 the brand Kiton is born coming from the Greek word “kitone”, which was a pure, white tunic that the ancient Greeks used to wear to pray in the temple.

Since than an incredible rush with a mate: quality and innovation. The peak of sartorial art combined with best fabrics and far-seeing Value Chain Integration. Kiton has recently totally/partially acquired top quality companies in wool fibers (Carlo Barbera, Biella; a sort of legend: 165 year old mill., an archive with the finest and rarest fabrics in the world), Outerwear & Sportswear, Knitwear.

For Kiton a label "Made in Italy" means "Made in Kiton", from fabrics to ironing, that's the maximum guarantee of top quality. Kiton’s range of items is wide; very important are the younger lines: K. for sportswear/outerwear (today KiRed) and Sartorio for suit/knitwear. Unique in the world are ties, since they features innovative cashmere fabrics and traditional seven folds models.

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items
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