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"The Founder of Neapolitan Suit School"

HERITAGE: In 1930 a young Neapolitan tailor, Vincenzo Attolini, rewrote the rules of elegance and created the first unstructured Neapolitan-style jacket, as soft and lightweight as a shirt. It was the invention of the Neapolitan style.

.B QUALITY TIP: The Cesare Attolini Jacket is an ancient and modern masterpiece: all the manufacturing process is the essence of quality, totally sartorial workmanship and unsurpassable quality. What makes each Cesare Attolini jacket unique are little handcrafted details fine-tuned over the decades by Vincenzo Attolini and perfected by his son Cesare. The difference lies in a series of precious secrets, minute details, manual gestures, skilled handling of the fabrics from the cutting to the ironing. At least 25 hours of handmade professional work.

The jacket as soft as a shirt

In the thirties, a great forerunner Cesare Attolini from Naples, codified the only other original suit school different from the British One: the Neapolitan One, based on a soft, smooth and informal way of seewing.

Simplicity is the core: padding, shoulder pads, and linings: all AWAY. Only the essentials remained making the jacket perfectly adaptable to each body. The man does not need anymore to look athletic but natural and relaxed, with coat lines following the shape of his body.  

This great school has been silent for 70 years acting in its Napoli's golden cage with only the light rumours inside the small neapoletain tailorship. Starting 15 years from now, the Neapolitan school is now the epitome of the cultured contemporary stylish man.   

With 25-30 hours of completerly handmade making, the exclusive Italian and Scottish fabrics, the 130 "haute performing" tailors in "Casalnuovo" tailorshop, the same making of Vincenzo and Cesare tradition, Cesare Attolini suits are simply the best suits in the world.

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items
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