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"Passion for Shirts"

HERITAGE: Since 1962, Bolognese School of Shirt Making

.B QUALITY TIP: all buttons are made exclusively from Australian mother-of-pearl, specially thickened, cleaned on the back and finely rounded on the edges to make buttoning-up easier.

Passion for Shirts

Bologna is the city of Culture (the oldest University all over the world) and Painters (The Bolognaise Schools, from Middle Ages - Vitale da Bologna - to Renaissance - Carracci, Guido Reni - to Modern Times - Giorgio Morandi).

For menswear, Bologna denotes two we great schools: Shoes and Shirts. Fray is Bolognese Shirt at its best. The founder, Lucia Pasin, opened her first tailoring workshop in early '60s, in one of the most beautiful streets in the centre of Bologna.

The first FRAY shirt was sewn in 1962: a work of art, painstakingly finished down to the last detail. At that time, artisanal trades were seen as an expression of manual skill, which is why care, dedication and the final result were all vital objectives.

Today none of that has changed. There is the same attention to detail and the same quest for perfection, down to the tiniest of particulars. Since we wear Fray shirts, we completely agree with their declared mission: "We want every man who wears our shirts to know he is visibly elegant"


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