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Absolutely beutiful shoes and service and could'nt be happier. Thank you

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The finest Sportwear with Kiton design and fashion

HERITAGE: It joins Neapolitan Sartorial School with Parma local Know How (since 70s) for Sporwear Jackets (wool, leather, fur)

.B QUALITY TIP: goose pillows with 90% of downs and only 10% of less comfortable feathers

The finest Sportwear with Kiton design and fashion

This is the result of a unique merge between Kiton sartorial/wool design/heritage and Northern Italy (Parma area) know how/craftsmanship for sportwear and leather.  

Since its beginning, K. was born as the younger sportwear line of the great Kiton value propositon. Particularly, design excels for originality, innovation and attention to contemporary needs and codes of elegance and taste.

Moreover, compliance with .B Quality requirements is perfect. We cite 5 stitches a centimeter for wool, 90% of downs for goose pillows, cashmere fabrics only from Italy or U.K, deer leather from USA or Western Europe, etc.

From the more classic K. line, now KIRED new line offers modern and even younger design and style.  

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Showing 1 - 13 of 13 items
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