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"Labour at the core"

HERITAGE: Since 1978, "Perugia and Umbria" tradition and competence in knitwear and cashmere (n. 13000 workers in 1978) going back to the beginnings of '900

.B QUALITY TIP: Wooden beams, frescoes walls and brick floors in the workshop: an image to show how people are the "Core". Top quality as a result of the inner qualities of every employee.

Labour at the core: Humanistic Approach

Brunello Cucinelli from Solomeo (Perugia) is “Knitwear Utopia”.  Every Cucinelli Tag tells us that “This product of quality fruit of our labour is created in Solomeo a small medieval village at the gates of Assisi where Men and Nature are still aware of the harmonious rhythm of Time”. 

The point is that this is really true. Cucinelli factory is in a fourteenth-century renovated castle producing some the best knitwear garments all over the world. From the castle, you can admire Umbria Countryside as in a landscape of a Perugino’s painting.

Over the past thirty years, Brunello Cucinelli has grown from a one-man operation to a business employing five hundred people. No one of them has to punch a card before coming in and everyone is obligated to leave at 6 pm; moreover they have a company restaurant where the local women prepare lunch for those who prefer not to go home.

Mr. Cucinelli’s successful attempt is to infuse pleasure into the process of making clothes. Cucinelli’s clothes are usually described as “sporty chic.” He got his beginning, in the eighties, by making cashmere sweaters in bright colours. He has lately extended his brand into a wider range of sportswear, particularly pants and jackets, all of them with the same quality of textile and handmade production.

By looking for the "supreme good" the Cucinelli's corporate philosophy is close to ancient Masters of the Soul such as Socrates, Seneca and Saint Francis of Assisi. The Brand's goal is to "give business a meaning that goes beyond profit and reinvesting to improve the workers' life".

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