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Shirts as “gift of love”

HERITAGE: Since 1960, "Apulia" tradition and craftsmanship for shirt tailoring and sewing.

.B QUALITY TIP: All Mazzarelli Shirts feature handmade stitched armholes. This is a very distinctive issue.

Shirts as “gift of love”

In Apulia (South East of Italy, Federico II land), young girls embroidered shirts as wedding gifts for their spouses. In Apulia, Mazzarelli operates since 1960 where a great craftsmanship and tradition is alive more than ever.

Born in 1960, it is a small family-owned company and this means passion, competence and artisan quality. They are less than 30 people, including seamstresses, cutters and tailors.

Apart from craftsmanship, Mazzarelli uses only top quality fabrics from Italian or Swiss companies and transform them into very elegant shirts. 

We think that Mazzarelli really realize the phrase: "Fabric, finishing materials and labour are the fundamental elements behind a good shirt".


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