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"The Supplier of the Royal House of Savoie" 

HERITAGE: Founded in 1957, family tradition since early '900. Neapolitan school for shirts and suits

.B QUALITY TIP: The shirts features 8 hand operations: the armholes, the collar, the shoulder, the mouche, the embroidery at the sleeve vent, the button hole, the button with the old hen’s foot, the box pleat.

"The Supplier of the Royal House of Savoie - Italian Kingdom"

LUIGI BORRELLI from Naples. The Borrelli tailoring tradition begins in 1900 with Anna Borrelli, who made and sold shirts first out of her home in Naples, then out of a small atelier shop she ran with her son, Luigi. Luigi Borrelli was appointed by Italian King, Vittorio Emanuale, as the "Fornitore della Real Casa Italian".

Today, we can cite the 8 handmade operations for a Borrelli Shirt and the wide range of products with two lines:  the Luigi Borrelli collection is for a formal man who winks at fashion. the Luxury Vintage collection for a more casual man but with a tailoring DNA.

We like to mention also the High Quality Jeans which features back pockets and labels sewn by hand. The buttons get back to the ancient work of a master jeweler supplier of the Royal House of Savoy.

The company employs nearly a thousand people at this point. Most of their investments are in quality fabrics and higher workmanship.

The Borrelli's goal is to offer a shirt characterized by a perfect fit. Contemporary and classic at the same time, the products excel for the selection of materials: fine cottons, with refined colorings and patterns typical of the Borrelli style.


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